How to Settle a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injuries can occur due to an accident and many times; it creates havoc on the financial status of the victim and their family. However, in many cases, there is a chance that the victim can claim a settlement with the party at fault and their insurance company.

So the question remains, how do you settle your insurance claims? There a few steps to follow that might help you with the claim:

The sending of a demand letter to the at-fault party’s insurance

This letter is a letter written in a “professional tone” that demands the opening move in negotiations. Copies of this letter must be sent to your insurance company as well as the defendant, or party at fault. This letter must be written as follows:

It must be written politely, to the point and concise. Start with the header where you identify yourself, the insured party and the claim.

Use plain language. Details like the date of the accident, type of injuries you have obtained and your contact details are important. At this stage, there is no mentioning of an amount.

Do not use any legal terms and keep the letter simple. Do make it clear that you are prepared to talk, but also willing to go to court.

Send the letter by certified mail and keep copies of all letters you send as well as the certified mail receipts to prove that the other side has received it.

Refine the claim

While you are awaiting a response, continue with medical treatment and continue to gather documents that prove your losses.

The response

The party at fault may respond with a letter or with a phone call from an attorney or adjuster. They might ask for more information or a settlement offer might be offered.

Ask for written proof

No matter what the response, make sure that everything is in writing. If any settlement amount is given verbally or conversations are made, ask for it in writing with the date. At any time that you feel that, you are pressured or if you feel confused, you need to contact a Sacramento personal injury lawyer that are skilled in this area.

Review the offer

Compare the written offer to you expenses. You also need to consider future expenses and if you are able to return to work with your previous salary.

Submit a counter-offer in writing

Often, the first offers are not realistic and may not cover all your claims. The adjuster does not have information regarding medical bills, lost property of pain and suffering. This is a good time explain your situation. Keep your letter professional while sharing your loss and the family’s suffering, but do not exaggerate. End the letter with an amount based on you analysis of your current situation and possible financial losses in the future.

A settlement can follow once you and the attorney have come to an agreement.

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