Dental Billing Services | Dental Medical Billing (2023)

Billing Services is playing an important role in the development of every business sector today. This process is used in almost all sectors from banking sector to medical sector. Normally, when the billing system generates an invoice, this invoice is sent to the customer by email or printed on paper. After which the customer has to pay the bill sent. The billing system has the option of suspending the service in case of non-payment by the customers and it can also suspend it if it so wishes

Talking about medical billing, today there are many companies in this field that provide medical billing service to us. There are many categories in medical billing services, some of these companies provide medical billing service, while some provide dental billing service.

Apart from this, many companies also provide vision billing service, that is, only the process of the eye goes on. In such a situation, if you want to make a carrier in this field, then today we are going to tell you in detail about Dental Billing Service or if you want to take Dental Billing Service, then this post is going to be very useful for you in the process of getting Dental Billing Service. .

What is dental billing?

Any activity that collects payment for dental services performed by you during your dental practice is what we call dental billing. For dental billing reimbursement, the insurance carrier undertakes to ship completed treatment in accordance with the patient’s insurance plan. This process begins with ensuring the correct CDT code and ends with payment from the insurance carrier.

What is the dental billing process?

The dental billing process involves the stages of payment by insurance companies and by patients for services provided by your practice. Dental billing service can be divided into two parts – patient billing and insurance claim processing.

The dental billing process keeps track of money going in and out of the dental office, and ensures that dentists are not inconvenienced and are paid for the work they do. In order to collect necessary information from patients in the process of dental billing service, dentists need to collect data such as patient’s name, address, date of birth and social security number.

Medical billing service includes everything from collecting patient information to verifying their insurance coverage, recording dental treatments and codes, noting their daily appointments, tracking and submitting any attachments and claims, etc. .

What is the difference between medical billing and dental billing?

There are many differences between dental billing and medical billing, they are two different things. The process of dental billing is comparatively a bit simpler than medical billing, this is because in medical billing claims for the whole body have to be claimed and settled, whereas in dental billing only claims related to teeth are claimed. Medical billing may take longer.

If we talk about the general difference, then the difference is that in medical billing, some companies also include claims for dental billing service, in addition to this, claims of other medical professions are also claimed in medical billing, such as medical equipment, laboratory tests. , equipment, vaccines and employee compensation etc. Comparatively, medical billing service gets more denial than dental billing service.

3 important differences between Medical Billing and Dental Billing

◆Medical Billing and Dental Billing have major difference in Coding, Medical Coding sends claims using these major 3 languages:- ICD-9,HCPCS,CPT. Whereas Dental Coding instead uses Current Dental Terminology (CDT) to refer to claims. The CDT is updated and published by the American Dental Association.

◆ There is also a stark difference between the two in terms of sending claims. Where in dental billing, more than half of the claims are distributed in the form of paper format. The simple reason for this is that most dental claims are performed by the practitioner with the help of auxiliary equipment such as radiographs and periodontal charts. However, medical billing is sent online to patients and insurance companies with the help of modern technologies. This reduces the time taken to process the billing.

◆Medical insurance is primarily designed to pay for unplanned and sudden medical expenses, typically used for emergency department visits, while dental insurance can also be used in a preplanned manner.

What is a dental biller?

A dental biller is responsible for managing the payments for patients in a dental practice. The dental biller requests payment for services from patients or health insurance companies for services rendered. Dental billers advocate for claims approval and research insurance plans to determine covered services and reimbursement costs. Dental billers are responsible for the main tasks-

◆ Liaises with health insurance providers to ascertain patient benefits.

◆The Dental Biller ensures that patient information is always confidential.

◆Works to create payment plans in consultation with dental staff and patients.

◆Responsible for managing patient payments.

◆Dental biller detects why claims were denied and takes corrective action.

Reasons of Dental insurance claim denied ?

One of the biggest problems and frustrating causes for dentistry is dealing with insurance companies and denying claims. Our claims get rejected by insurance companies because of small mistakes that we easily commit unknowingly. We will tell you which are these mistakes in this post once you understand who they are. If there are mistakes, then you will avoid repeating them and your dental insurance will be saved from being denied, so know which are these major mistakes-

1. Unreadable information and files

2. Incorrect dental code

3. Delay in filing claim

4. Failure to obtain pre-authorization

5. No explanation on claim form

Dental billers average salary in USA?

Salary of dental billers in US depends on many things, there are many factors to determine the salary of a dental biller like location, city where you work, years of experience, education, performance etc. There can be many more reasons for the salary of dental billers being less or more. But according to, the average salary for a dental biller in the United States is $41,986. While the salary of dental billers in dental billing service can be between $38,016 to $46,165. Typically a dental hygienist in the USA earns $20 per hour.

Top 12 Dental Billing Services Companies.

Dental billing may be less complicated than medical billing but it is a difficult process to do independently. Which is made more difficult than ever by insurance claims and delayed collections. Dental billing becomes important because it is done by your patients. The fees for medical services helps you get by. We have listed here the top 12 dental billing services companies in usa that are capable of providing solutions to all your dental billing needs.

1.Brady billing

Brady Billing’s Dental Billing Service provides free phone consultations to a large number of clients without overwhelming your inbox. To learn more about their billing service, you can request a free consultation by visiting their website. Services provided by Brady Billing- Claim verification (within 24 hours), Pre-Authorization, Medical Insurance Coverage, Electronic Claims, Denials and Appeals


Medusind is the country’s leading dental billing solutions provider. It claims to make fast payments without headaches. The company has a complete revenue cycle management that helps you manage your financial operations by providing timely cash to patients while streamlining your cash flow. Medusind uses medical billing best practices to help you increase your revenue while reducing costs.

3.Adit pay

Adit offers a billing service software designed to make collecting your practice easier. This dental billing service provider platform centralizes all your dental business financials and ensures that all your information remains secure.

4.Prospa billing

Increasing company cash flow Works to reduce your paperwork. Prospa Billing prepares and submits your claims in electronic format on a daily basis.Prospa Billing aims to provide high quality healthcare billing outsourcing services and improve the profitability of dental practices.


Antora Solutions is a leading dental billing and coding services provider in the United States that aims to simplify complex billing processes. The firm provides end-to-end services that are HIPAA compliant and strictly follow the HITECH Act. This ensures that your billing operations run smoothly and in an optimized manner.

6.Dental claims cleanup

This is another US based dental billing service provider company. Dental Biller from Dental Claims Cleanup can help just about any oral health care practice outsource their billing needs easily. Dental Claims Cleanup is a national billing provider company in USA.

7.eAssist dental solutions

eAssist is one of the most recognized insurance companies in USA known for resolving claims quickly and achieving maximum service satisfaction to the customers. With over a million in revenue and growing rapidly, this company also provides billing support in South America and parts of Europe.

8. Pivotal MD

Pivotal MD is known for providing medical billing services to medical providers nationwide and serves as a life cycle solution provider. claims to help its clients obtain maximum reimbursement by blending their extensive medical billing knowledge and expertise.


Ceterus takes care of all the burdensome and time-consuming tasks for your employees, such as data gathering, transaction coding, identifying exceptions, addressing broken data links, and reconciling statements. does. As an ADA-recommended billing provider, Ceterus serves both established dental companies and startups alike.

10.Front Desk DDS

Front Desk DDS assures clients that they can easily track and manage outstanding AR, HMO, Medicaid, Ortho and PPO claims for up to 10 months and receive collections without delay. Apart from this, it also provides the facility of insurance verification, inbound outbound calls.

11.The owl advantage dental  solutions

The Owl Advantage dental solutions  – Dental Solutions is a dental billing service provider based in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It provides insurance AR, new practice system set-up, fee schedule updates, insurance verification and claim filling.

12. Dental  Support Specialties LLC

Dental Support Specialty Company helps dentists by answering phone calls and providing many other important services including insurance verification. Dental Support Specialties understands the needs of its dentists and provides assistance keeping in mind their comfort, the company effectively communicates and remains in touch with its customers to maximize returns.


Due to the changing lifestyle, the number of patients in clinics has increased so much that even the staff of hospitals and clinics are not able to handle things. Large clinics often take the help of dental billing service providers to ensure that all health programs run smoothly, as the staff are unable to work properly due to heavy workload. In such a situation, if you also want this service, then in this post we have told about all the dental billing companies of USA, you can get more information by visiting their official site. Apart from this, if you want to work in dental billing companies, then you can work as a dental biller, for this you can check their official.

Working in billing companies is a bit complicated but you are also given a good amount for this work.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is easier between dental billing and medical billing?

Ans. Dental billing is comparatively easier than medical billing because in dental billing only claims related to your teeth are made and filled whereas in medical billing claims related to whole body are made and filled. The CDT (Certified Dental Technician) code is used in dental billing, while the CPT (Certified Procedural Terminology) code is used in the process of medical billing.

Q2. What is benefit of dental coding course?

Ans. You can learn CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II code sets by taking a dental billing and coding course. Apart from this, you can learn CDT – or (which is called Current Dental Terminology), all these courses tell about coding. You’ll learn reporting and billing essentials with it, as well as how to cross-check dental services for medical insurance reimbursement, etc.

Q3. What are the types of Denial in Medical Billing?

Ans. There are two types of denials in medical billing, a soft denial which is temporary and a hard denial which is irreversible. On an average the claim denial rate in medical billing is between 5% and 10%, sometimes it can be less or more. Commercial and public payers deny about ten out of every 100 claims submitted.