CO 24 Denial Code- Charges covered under capitation agreement or managed care plan

As you know, Medical Billing & Coding has its own importance in the health sector, there is a predetermined coding system under which all the work is done to cancel the submission of any claim or take any action on it. Co 24 denial code which has already created a lot of confusion. There is usually a lot of confusion in the medical billing industry regarding this denial code.

There are many patients who are already taking advantage of Medicare services but still keep on submitting claims. The co 24 deny code is used only to deal with such situations. We know that many questions will be coming in your mind regarding Daniel Code CO-24, for which you will be eager to know the answer. Today, through this article, we will know what is Co 24 Denial Code and in what situation it is used.

What is CO24 Denial code ?

The Denial Code CO 24 means claims that are submitted by patients who are already on Medicare. Simply put, if a patient is already enrolled or taking advantage of a Medicare Advantage plan or care plan, but instead of submitting a claim to the Medicare plan, the patient submits a claim back to Medicare insurance. So in this case the claims submitted by him are denied as CO24 Denial Code – Charges covered under capitation agreement or managed care plan.

 Medicare Advantage plans are also known as Medicare Part C. These Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies that are approved by Medicare to cover Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B services except for hospice care.

These private insurance companies are required to follow the rules set forth by Original Medicare. must be followed strictly. Original Medicare covers hospice care, even if you have a Medicare Advantage plan. This generally means that the Medicare benefits being provided must include all medical services that original Medicare covers except for hospice care. However, many insurance companies include drug coverage in their Medicare Advantage plans and may offer additional benefits such as dental, vision care or wellness programs.

Co 24 denial code meaning

“Denial code CO 24 means – Charges are covered under a capitation agreement or managed care plan. Means the patient is a beneficiary of medical care managed by a Medicare company.

Causes of denial code CO24

Although there are not many reasons for the co 24 denial code, claims are mostly denied under CO24 denial because they submit a claim to a person who is already taking advantage of Medicare benefits, in addition We do not even check this before making a claim. Sometimes claims may be rejected even if they are not submitted correctly.

How to Avoid Co 29 Denial Code

Get detailed information including Medicare ID, inquire with the Department of Medicare for detailed information and fill in the correct information on the claim. Call the insurance company to check patient eligibility and submit claims to the correct beneficiary if the patient is covered under a Medicare care plan.

How to Handle CO-24 Denial Code

If you submit a claim as a Medicare beneficiary, then in this case your claim will be denied, but if you are not enrolled in any kind of Medicare service, nor are you taking advantage of it, but still the denial code on your claim is CO-24. If it is coming then you can get rid of this deny in this case. co 24 Follow the below steps to get rid of the denial code and try to understand where you are getting the error while submitting the claim.

◆ Before submitting a claim for any Medicare service, be sure to verify that you are not a Medicare beneficiary. First check Medicare eligibility to see if Patient Benefits is covered under the managed care plan. If you find that the services the patient received are covered by managed care plans. Then the next step is to get the member ID of that particular private insurance from Medicare or the patient.

◆ Finally, claims must be submitted to that beneficiary’s managed care plan private insurance to eliminate the denial CO-24 – charges covered under the capitation agreement or managed care plan.

If you have already received the above denial from Medicare or an insurance company, you can also locate specialized managed care insurance by reaching out to the Medicare claims department with the following questions:

◆Date of receipt of claim.

◆Claim Rejected Date.

◆ May I know the name, ID, contact of the managed care insurance?


The Co 24 Denial Code, which rejects claims that are filed by a person already covered by Medicare, is basically what it is known for. Which are offered by private insurance companies. Medicare benefits provided by these insurance companies include all medical services that original Medicare covered except hospice care. Apart from this, it also runs many other care programs. Today, through this article, we have come to know what is co24 denial code, how to avoid this denial, what are the reasons for co 24 denial code and why co 24 denial code appears. Is. To avoid this denial code, we have to take care of many things like whether the person submitting the claim is not a Medicare beneficiary or enrolled, filling all the information carefully while filing the claim, etc.


Q1. What can be done to stop CO 24?

Ans. You can take the following steps to prevent CO 24 denial:
Before providing a service, check whether the patient has any type of coverage under the care plan.
Receive member ID and detailed information from patient or Medicare.
Claims can then be submitted to the correct beneficiary administering the care plan.

Q2. What to do if co 24 denial code is already received?

Ans. If you have already received a denial code CO 24, the first thing you should do is consult with the Department of Medicare Insurance officials and provide them with the code and claim denial date, details about managed care insurance, call references and Ask questions including claim numbers.