CO 27 Denial Code-Expenses incurred After coverage Terminated (2023)

In the United States, every medical background has some specific codes. In the case of doctor’s Clinique and personal surgeries, there is some specific code for the employees to help the patient directly with the required treatments and benefits. The denial codes are registered under health care insurance companies. These codes are used to differentiate the different benefits and insurance coverage. The employees in the hospitals and insurance companies get full access to these codes to charge patiently rightly without getting mixed up between the same kind of benefits.

If someone gets a CO 27 denial code, the provider’s insurance policies have already been terminated. That is, the provider had continued their services after the termination of the policy, and hence, the provider will not be getting any benefits. As the services they have taken were not covered under the policy.

What is CO27 denial Code?

CO 27 is a denial code used by insurance companies when a claim is submitted for medical services provided to a patient after their insurance policy expires. This code indicates that the services were not covered due to insurance policy has been already expired or terminated, and the claim is being denied for payment. To prevent situations where a CO 27 denial code is issued, healthcare providers must verify a patient’s insurance status and eligibility before providing medical services through prior authorization and eligibility verification processes. This will ensure that the patient’s insurance is still in effect and the services being provided are covered under their policy.

Additionally, keeping track of important information, such as the patient’s policy termination date, will help avoid confusion and facilitate transparent communication with stakeholders on patient responsibilities.

“CO-27 is Expenses incurred after coverage terminated or Policy Expired”

What is meaning of CO 27 Denial Code?

Meaning of CO27 denial Code:

Co 27 denial Code is faced by the patient’s family when they undertake medical benefits, like surgery, installation of some machines, or even visiting a physician’s office after the plan is terminated. Due to some wrong information or personal issues, the plan gets rejected or terminated due to irregular payments. If the patient is unaware of such a situation and takes some medical benefits, they will face CO 27 denial Code. These codes get directly issued by individual Health Care Insurance Companies. These denial codes also come up with solutions for specific issues.

How to handle CO 27 denial Code?

When someone receives a denial code, they should immediately take action. They can reach the provider and take help from them, but before that, there are some major steps that the patients should take. So the steps are explained below:

Firstly, the patient party should visit the official website of their individual Health Care Insurance Companies or reach the company’s customer care department. Then find out the patient’s eligibility criteria and check the last termination date.

Secondly, it is found that the insurance policy is still active and working. In that case, the patient’s family should immediately start processing the claims through their mailing address or do it online.

Thirdly, in case the insurance plan is still not active or was not active during the services, the patient should check if any other plans are active under the patient’s name.

Fourthly, When there is some action plan under the patient’s name, they should apply for the claims during the services under the activated plan for reimbursement.

Fifthly, The patient should also check if there are any new updates in the policy details.

Finally, if there is no activated plan or the plan is already terminated, the patient party must pay the service bill.

Cause of CO 27 Denial Code:

CO 27 denial code is nothing but expenses incurred after the coverage is terminated. CO denial code is one of the most common codes in Insurance terms. The medical insurance teams immediately deny paying the bills if the CO 27 Code appears.

This code only appears if the insurance policy gets terminated while the provider gives the patient the services. When the insurance plan has ended, the patient has still taken the services like visiting the doctor’s chamber, going through some checkups, installing the machine or taking medicines. In that case, the CO 27 denial codes appear; and the insurance company denies paying the bills. Only if the patient has some other active plans can they still get the benefits. 


The denial codes are very common in medical terms. The patient should be very careful while applying for medical insurance policies. While processing the medical insurance and visiting the physician, the patient should thoroughly read the whole policy and what is covered under their insurance. Different insurance provides different benefits. Some insurance covers a physician’s office, some covers weekly checkups, and some covers machines.

To stay safe and never be part of the CO 27 denial code, the patient should always be up to date and stay aware of the closing date of the policy. If someone takes any service after the policy closes, the patient will get the CO27 denial and have to pay the whole bill if they don’t have any other active insurance.


Q1. Does CO 27 Denial code include medicine coverage?

Ans. CO 27 denial code applies when the insurance policy has already been terminated. So, after the CO 27 denial code, the patient has to pay all their medical bills, as nothing will get covered by the plan.

Q2. Does some other plans can replace CO27 code?

Ans. If the patient has another action plan under their name and documents, they can claim the benefits from that activated plan.

Q3. Can CO27 denial be removed?

Ans. Yes. Only if the patient has another action plan under their name and documents. Claim should billed to another active insurance.

Q4. Does denial code CO 27 charges an extra amount?

Ans. No. Since CO27 denial code applies only if the patient takes some services after the plan gets terminated, in that case, the patient must pay the whole due amount for the services, as nothing will get covered by the plan.  

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